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Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Fusion of  Brewery and Art

A fusion of the atmosphere of the brewery and art.
A place where you can encounter "unexpected" art with a glass of sake in hand.
Art events and exhibitions are held regularly.
Please check our Instagram for event schedules and details.



(1) Wall to be continuously repainted (Wall Art): 7250mm wide, 2650mm high, AEP paint finish
*10 movable walls 900mm wide are installed on the front side
②Width 1050 ③Width 1800 ④Width 1650
All of the above sections can be equipped with picture rails.

Movable Furniture
A) width 1200 depth 900 height 750 two workshop tables
D) 900 wide, 900 deep, 450 high, 3 work table stands
B) 1200 wide, 450 deep, 1000 high, four high tables
C ) 750 wide 750 deep 750 high 900 high 1 high table
10 chairs

*The space can also be used as a rental space.
Store area: 78.6 ㎡ (23.8 square meters)

Art Exibition

Special Exhibition

We regularly hold special exhibitions. We plan & sell art exhibits, mainly by artists living in Okinawa. We have cheerful, colorful, tropical art, as well as exhibits by Japanese painters whose work is mainly ink paintings. We also collaborate with painters from the interior and sell sake-themed art.


Connecting the Baton
Wall Art

Enter text. The large wall in the center of the space is an "ever-evolving wall" with layers of art. At the opening event, two artists drank sake and breathed new life into the blank wall. Live painting will continue to be held each period of the year to continue the baton of art.Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text. Enter text.

\Check out the opening event here/


Art goes on

Art goes on

The Gallery
From now on

In addition to art events, workshops will be held to connect Ishigaki with the inner city. The workshop space can be used as a place for artists' daily production activities, and by experiencing such a space, we will deliver new encounters and connections to everyone in this area.

Of course, sake will be served in one hand. It is the role of our sake to connect new encounters.

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