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Sake bar directly owned by Kikkawa Jozo

Kikkawa Jozo, a long-established brewery in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was founded in 1914. You can be one of the first to taste new sake directly shipped to Ishigaki. Sake made using the "no rice scraping" method, sake comparison, wine yeast, flower yeast, and other varieties of sake are also available. All varieties of the "Ameuri/Afuri" series are available for purchase.


Kikkawa Jozo

Kikkawa Jozo, a long-established sake brewery founded in 1917. The brewery has been located in Goudo, Isehara City for more than 100 years. All sake produced here, from rice washing to brewing water, is made with high-quality hard water pumped from the strata of Mount Daisen in Tanzawa. Tanzawa Daisen has been known since ancient times as a place of worship for rain, and is also called Afuriyama.


Our Craftmanship

Kikkawa Jozo's sake brewing

Highly acclaimed overseas and numerous awards. A passion for creating sake that is in tune with the times. Because of our honest approach to sake brewing, we continue to take on further challenges beyond our history as a long-established sake brewery. Creating the future of sake, such as "sake without grinding" with a rice polishing ratio of 90%, flower yeast, and wine yeast, is what "Yoshikawa Brewing's Sake Brewing" is all about.


Our Brand


Kikkawa Jozo's afuri series. This new brand was created by using underground water from Mount Tanzawa Oyama as brewing water. The brewery uses hard water with a hardness of 150-160, which is rare in Japan, and continues to take on various challenges, such as a "no grinding" method for the rice used as the raw material, low-pulverization brewing, and low alcohol content.


Awamori from the Yaeyama Islands

Six kinds of Awamori produced on Ishigaki Island are available. We also have Orion beer and non-alcoholic drinks for our guests to enjoy.


Appetizers to go with your sake

Starting with the appetizer "Ishigaki salt", we offer three kinds of "shuto" seafood and dips made from fresh island vegetables. We also have jet-black squid ink muffins that pair well with sake. The "rice noodle finale" is also very popular with our guests.



We offer coffee, caffè latte and soft drinks. We also sell handmade sweets and bread using sake lees recommended by the brewery.


From the 7th Toji

"Kikkawa Jozo" is a sake brewery in Kanagawa Prefecture founded in the first year of the Taisho era. We have been making sake that is loved by the locals.

Since 2019, we have a new goal of "wanting people all over the world to know the wonderfulness and depth of sake", and have reviewed the quality of sake, which has never been seen before. I started making sake.
Speaking of Ishigaki Island, it is a land famous for its wonderful Awamori history and culture. Therefore, we also wanted to incorporate the goodness of Awamori into Japanese sake as much as possible. As a sake brewer, I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of marriage the climate and cuisine of Ishigaki Island and our sake will create. "


Kikkawa Jozo

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