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Art meets Sake

Connect with Ishigaki

Art and Sake.
And people to people.
and get intoxicated by the culture that comes and goes.
And you will encounter something
You will meet something unexpected.
A new relationship.
Or to your true self.


​ A place to scent the brewery

The space of a sake brewery is recreated with actual sake brewing equipment that has been used for over 100 years. From the entrance to the interior of the restaurant, every corner has been carefully designed in a way that only a sake brewery can. Enjoy a moment of intoxication with the delicacy of the sake brewing process.


Your Guide


Kurabito means a craftsman of sake brewing.

It is the kuranchu who convey the goodness of sake in Ishigaki Island. At Kurabito SAKE & GALLERY, Mr. Yohji Odagiri, a sake brewer at Kikkawa Jozo for many years, himself stands at the bar counter and explains the sake brewing process and his thoughts on sake.

Kikisakeshi Yuji Nemoto

Art Gallery

With the city,

with the hotel.
Connect with people
Art Gallery

Located on the first floor of "Ishigakijima Hotel Kukuru" in the center of Misaki Town, KURAMOTO SAKE & GALLERY is a space that combines a bar for enjoying sake and an art gallery. We hope that the impression of art will become an unforgettable memory. We support the creative activities of artists and nurture a place where everyone can enjoy artwork.


Our Goal

Connecting Ishigaki  and the Mainland

Since ancient times, it has been believed that sake has a mysterious power. It is the power to connect people with God.
We will create a place where the cultures of Ishigaki Island and Japan can interact through sake, which has a deep relationship with God, art, and workshops.

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