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Art Gallery

Art Gallery

A fusion of a brewery and art

A fusion of art and a space filled with the atmosphere of a brewery. A place to encounter unpredictable art with a glass of sake in hand. With art events and special exhibitions held regularly. *Please check our Instagram for event schedules and details.



(1) Continuously repainted wall (wall art): Width - 7250mm, Height - 2650mm, acrylic emulsion paint finish *10 movable walls 900mm wide installed on the front side. (2) Width - 1050 (3) Width - 1800 (4) Width - 1650, all of which can be equipped with picture rails. Movable furniture

A) Width - 1200, Depth - 900, Height - 750, x2 workshop tables; D) Width - 900, Depth - 450, Height - 900, x3 artwork display tables; B) Width - 1200, Depth - 450, Height - 1000, x4 high tables C) Width - 750, Depth - 750, Height - 900, x1 high table, x10 chairs

*Can also be used as rental space. Store area: 78.6 ㎡

 Details are in preparation.

Art Exhibition

Special exhibitions

We periodically hold special exhibitions. We plan and sell art exhibits, mainly by artists living here in Okinawa. Exhibits include cheerful and colorful art with a tropical flavor, as well as ink paintings by Japanese artists. We also sell collaborative works with artists from mainland Japan, as well as sake-themed art. Click here for the Kuramoto Sake & Gallery curator's account


Passing a baton of wall art

The large wall in the center of the space is an "evolving wall" where art is layered. At the opening event, two artists enjoyed some sake together while breathing new life into this blank white wall. We will continue to hold live painting events regularly to "pass the art baton." Click here to see more from the opening event.

\Click here for the opening event/


Pass The Art Batton

Art goes on.

The future of the gallery

In addition to art events, we will also hold workshops to connect Ishigaki and the mainland. The workshop space can be used as a place for artists' daily creative activities. By enabling others to experience such a space, we will facilitate new encounters and connections for the people of this area. With a glass of sake in hand of course! The role of our sake is to connect people with new kinds of encounters.

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