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A sake bar under the direct management of Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery)

Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery), a long-standing brewery founded in 1912 in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. You can be one of the first to taste the fresh new sake shipped directly here to Ishigaki. We offer sake that has been made using a "no rice polishing" method, sake for tasting and comparing, as well as unique sake varieties made with wine yeast and flower yeast. We have the entire Kikkawa Jozo "Afuri" (Rainfall) series of sake available for you to enjoy.

Kikkawa Jozo


Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery), a long-standing sake brewery founded in 1912. It has been over one hundred years since the brewery was built in Godo area, Isehara City. The sake produced here is made entirely from high-quality hard water drawn from the strata of Tanzawa Oyama, from the rice washing to the brewing water. Tanzawa Oyama has been known as a place of worship for rain since ancient times and is also called "Afuri-yama" (rainy mountain).


Our Craftmanship

Sake brewing at Kikkawa Jozo

Highly acclaimed overseas, with numerous awards won. A passion for continuously creating sake suited to the times. Owing to its honest approach to sake brewing, Kikkawa Jozo continues to take on further challenges as a long-established brewery. Creating the future of sake, including "unpolished sake" (90% rice polishing ratio), as well as sake using flower yeast and wine yeast, is what "Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery)’s sake brewing" is all about.


Our Brand

Afuri (Rainfall)

Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery)'s "Afuri" (Rainfall) series. The Afuri series has been created as a new brand using the subterranean water of Tanzawa Oyama (Afuri-yama) as brewing water. The brewery uses hard water with a hardness of 150-160, which is rare in Japan. It continues to take on various challenges, including a "no polishing" method for the rice used to make the product, low polishing rate brewing, and low alcohol content sake.


Awamori from the Yaeyama Islands

Six kinds of Awamori produced on Ishigaki Island are available. We also have Orion beer and non-alcoholic drinks for our guests to enjoy.


Appetizers to go with your sake

Starting with the appetizer "Ishigaki salt", we offer three kinds of "shuto" seafood and dips made from fresh island vegetables. We also have jet-black squid ink muffins that pair well with sake. The "rice noodle finale" is also very popular with our guests.



We offer coffee, caffè latte and soft drinks. We also sell handmade sweets and bread using sake lees recommended by the brewery.


From the seventh-generation of our brewery

 "Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery)" is a Kanagawa Prefecture sake brewery founded in 1912. Over all these years, we have been creating sake loved by the local people. Since 2019, we have set a new goal to introduce the wonder and profoundness of sake to people around the world. To this end, we have begun re-evaluating the quality of our sake to create the kind that has never been seen before. Ishigaki Island is a land renowned for its wonderful Awamori history and culture. We therefore wanted to incorporate some of the great qualities of Awamori into our sake as well. We have been making our sake using the black rice malt used in Awamori (sake is usually made with yellow rice malt), which has been very well received by our customers. As a brewer, I am very much looking forward to seeing how our sake will create a marriage with the climate and cuisine of Ishigaki Island.



Click here for the official Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery) website

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