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What happens when art meets sake?

We connect art and sake here on Ishigaki Island. And connect people with people. Here at Kuramoto Sake & Gallery, you will be entranced by the intersecting cultures. And then you’ll encounter something unexpected. A new connection. Or perhaps even your true self.


A place filled with the aroma of a sake brewery

The setting of a sake brewery has been authentically recreated, featuring brewing equipment that has been in actual use for over one hundred years. Everywhere, from the entrance to the interior of the restaurant, you’ll witness the kind of attention to detail that can only be found at a brewery. Immerse yourself in the sake brewing process and find yourself entranced by the delicacy of it.

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Kurabito / Kuranchu

The "Kurabito" are the craftspeople of the sake. The "Kuranchu" are the brewers tasked with conveying the greatness of the sake on Ishigaki Island. At Kuramoto Sake & Gallery, you’ll find Yohji Odagiri, a long-time brewer at Kikkawa Jozo (Brewery), stood at the bar counter sharing his thoughts on the sake making process and his passion for it.

Art Gallery

An art gallery that connects the city, the hotel and the people.

Kuramoto Sake & Gallery, located on the first floor of Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule in the center of Misaki-cho. A space where a sake bar and an art gallery become one. We hope that the emotions invoked by the art will become unforgettable memories for visitors. We aim to cultivate a space that supports the creative endeavors of artists, where all can come and enjoy their work.


Our Goal

Connecting Ishigaki Island to various other places

Since ancient times, it has been believed that within sake lies a mysterious power. The power to connect people with the gods. Through sake and its deep relationship with the gods, as well as through art and workshops, we aim to create a space where the cultures of Ishigaki Island and the mainland can interact with one another.

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